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"The Digital Concourse has had a significant effect on our customers experience with our event. Lawson leveraged Digital for the first time with our Customer and User Exchange (CUE) 2005 event, bringing our event to a whole new level. We used on-line customer information to interact with customers on a one-to-one basis prior to the conference. By using a pre-event survey during registration we were able to arrange key meetings directly targeted to attendees while they are at the event. According to our customers, this was our best CUE event to date. We are excited to take advantage of even more features as we continue using Digital for CUE 2006."

Angie Franks
Vice President of Market Development
Lawson Software

Simple, Smart, Now.

Standard Features

Dynamic Profile®

Start with your progressive plan and DC technology; technologies that allow you to talk directly to your audience. From emails and direct mail to the actual event web site, DC delivers customized content, links, and an experience that is tailored to the individual. Our unique Dynamic Profile is the key. Our profiling technologies are fully extendable, and with customized rules, can maintain the most up-to-date information possible. Add any number of fields to the Dynamic Profile. Things change? No problem, the Dynamic Profile will allow you to change with your needs, than automatically know if the user needs to provide any information the next time they engage.

Our Dynamic Profile provides the segmentation capabilities that are necessary to deliver 1:1 marketing messages.

Intelligent Content™

Next, make sure you have the tools to deliver not only the standard content, but to also compile the content together in a way that drives the unique experience directly to the audience. Have a special message or navigation path for the user, the system will automatically detect the user’s attributes and assign a web experience that is unique to them. Links, comments, web content, and look and feel are all part of our Fluid Content concept.


Best practice in the events and meetings industry is always evolving, what was good enough last year does not cut it anymore. Your audience is always growing and learning and social networking and collaboration are simply the new ways for the audience to maximize their attendance at your event.

Message boards, blogs, and file exchanges are just the beginning your users will now come to expect. Add Opt-In Query®; Digital Concourse’s end-user query tool that helps your audience find people like them and you now have a very dynamic event.

Our collaborative capabilities include intra-event scheduling with others attending the event through an invite/accept/deny method via email or cyber café.

Marketing Automation

There is nothing like having more demand than you can fulfill. In today’s marketing technology world, there are some good products available to automate point areas of your marketing machine. Many times, these point solutions fail to deliver a complete solution of systems that are required to achieve world-class results at the budget levels you need to be at. Digital Concourse alleviates this issue by bringing integrated email and list marketing, opt-in/out management, and integrated email notifications and queries to ensure your messages get through.

All emails processed through are stamped for authenticity, filed in a database for later retrieval, and auditable to the person and the recipient. Best practice implementations ensure your emails get through while protecting you from accidental spamming.

From list management to auditing, reporting, click-through, and bounce-back processing,’s marketing automation tools help you deliver a phenomenal event.


Do you need to ask a question of your audience? provides the means to develop stand-alone or inline registration surveys.

Unlimited questions, branching questions, and an extensive array of rendering options integrate your needs with your audience. From simple yes/no radio buttons, to comprehensive multiple choice lists; can get the information your need to understand your customers better.

Integrated Company Management

Unique to is the ability for the system to automatically assign attendees to unique company profiles. Based on a number of comprehensive business rules, all attendees of your event are automatically assigned to a formal company profile. The benefit to your company is accurate company statistics and reporting. Regardless of what an attendee entered into a “company name” field, the system’s built-in intelligence automatically assigns all attendees to the appropriate company profile.


With over 40 standard reports, hundreds of analytic queries, and integrated Excel integration; becomes the one version of truth that your corporation can come to rely on.

All reports with attendee information also include a comprehensive “Drill Down” feature that allows you to have all of the attendee’s information at your finger tips regardless where you are at in the system.

Business Intelligence

Our 20/20 Analytics prepackages ready-to-use analytics that chart, graph, report, and drill-down to any level of information you need to get to.™ - all rights reserved - ©2003-2012 - Privacy Policy - Terms of use

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