High Availability Solutions for Enterprise Applications

Near-Instant Recovery for Business Operations

Highly successful organizations run enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications at the center of their operations. While ERP enables them to outrun the competition, unplanned downtime can have a negative impact on revenue and customer satisfaction. If your organization runs at high speed, you need a resilient, fault-tolerant solution that matches the profile of your business.

Velocity’s high availability DR solutions provide near-instant application recovery for high performance companies. Using advanced technologies, we replicate data from your site to a Velocity data center in a separate geographic FEMA region. Velocity actively monitors and manages system availability 24/7, including failover testing to your Velocity recovery environment multiple times throughout the year. When a disaster strikes, your recovery environment is ready to use right away.

Velocity’s High Availability ServicesBusiness Benefits
  • Creation of recovery plan and documentation
  • Data replication to a secure, FEMA-separated Velocity facility
  • Regular testing to ensure solution readiness
  • Experienced personnel to perform application and data recovery on your behalf
  • Predictable monthly costs and no disaster declaration fees
  • Significantly decrease business disruption, minimizing impact on your customers’ experience
  • Enable your team to focus on customers and your business in a disaster – not technology
  • Virtually eliminate recovery risk with experienced experts who can provide the highest level of service
  • Reduce capital cost and bottom line impact by removing the need to purchase your own DR equipment

Velocity’s high availability DR services are specifically designed to maintain business continuity around your enterprise applications. We understand the power of ERP and the importance of protecting it as a strategic asset for your business.

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