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What we do

Digital Concourse is a comprehensive business social collaboration and engagement solution that helps companies organize their customers and drive affinity to their brand. Representing a broad set of features that bring organization and functionality to your customers that help them collaborate and improve.

Since 2003, Digital Concourse has been delivering functionality that automates your users’ needs with the first customer operations system that was designed to be operated by your customers.

  • Comprehensive – Capabilities for users, partners, your company
  • Integrated – All functions are integrated into one database and user experience
  • Organizes – Organizes the thousands of touch points between all constituents involved
  • Self-Service administration – delegates the administration of the site and activities to the appropriate people

Organized the way business products and customers are organized

Highlighted Features

News Feeds/Walls
Questions, Pages, Workflow
20/20 Analysis
Page Building
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