I. Mission, Goals, and Objectives

The mission of the Lawson Great Lakes User Group is to assure the successful use of Lawson and third-party products and to promote the exchange of productivity-improving concepts and techniques.

In support of this mission, the goals of the Lawson Great Lakes User Group are:

  1. Exchange information and experiences.
  2. Raise the productivity of people.

To accomplish these goals, the group will:

  1. Establish and maintain the Lawson Great Lakes User group organization.
  2. Issue pre-user group meeting communications.
  3. Plan and hold successful user group meetings.
  4. Increase attendance and participation of Lawson users.

II. Membership and Meeting Attendance

Membership is open to any organization (including companies, corporation, municipal and government departments or other organizations) that is a "customer in good standing" of Lawson or its agents and affiliates being an organization whose primary business operation resides within the Lawson Great Lakes region. A "customer in good standing" is an organization licensed to use a Lawson product and currently entitled to Lawson maintenance support.

Meeting attendance will be limited to the following:

  1. Current members in good standing.
  2. Employees of prospective licensees who are sponsored by a Lawson representative.
  3. Employees of Lawson Software, Inc., its subsidiaries, parents, and assigns.
  4. Vendors/consultants of products/services which are complementary to Lawson products and who are sponsored by a Lawson representative or current member and whose attendance is approved by a simple majority of the Board.

III. Organization

The Board consists of eight member representatives from the Lawson Great Lakes User Group and one Lawson representative. The GLUG board members are the Chairperson, Treasurer, Meeting Logistics Coordinator, Secretary, Agenda Coordinator, Member Services Coordinator, Liaison Coordinator and Past -Chairperson. New elections will be held in the event a Board position member is challenged and/or leaves the group. In the event of a vacancy of the Chairperson or Treasurer, the following rules apply:

  1. The office of Chairperson will be temporarily filled by the Treasurer until another Chairperson is appointed by the Board.
  2. The office of Treasurer will be filled by a member of the Board until the next election process.

The newly-elected Board will take office at the end of the meeting at which they are elected and will serve the remaining term. There will be a joint meeting of the outgoing Board and the new Board to be held after the lection meeting and before the end of the Board term. At that time, financial records, appropriate correspondence and pending business matters will be transferred to the new Board.

Two board members are required to sign checks for the Lawson Great Lakes User Group. The financial institution holding the checking account will be instructed to clear checks only if two signatures are present. The current Board members authorized to sign checks are the Chairperson, Treasurer, and Secretary.

The duties of the officers are:

GLUG Members

  1. Chairperson - presides at meetings of the Lawson Great Lakes Usesr Group and the Board solicits and negotiates sponsorship agreements with Lawson partners and third-party vendors assigns tasks to other members and acts as the GLUG representative on Lawson's Global User Group. The Chairperson will remain an active member of the Board for one year following the end of his/her term to assist the Board as necessary. The Chairperson is one of the Board members authorized to sign checks.
  2. Treasurer - oversees the receipt and deposit of moneys for the Lawson Great Lakes User Group, oversees the payment of any bills, collects member dues and sponsorship fees, oversees the maintenance of books of account and makes appropriate reports on the financial condition of the group. The Treasurer is one of the Board members authorized to sign checks.
  3. Secretary -  is responsible for the maintenance and content of the GLUG website, maintains GLUG by-laws, collects and publishes meeting minutes and notes, and creates, collects and communicates surveys and the results. The Secretary is one of the Board members authorized to sign checks.
  4. Meeting Logistics Coordinator - is responsible for arranging all meeting facilities, determining locations and dates, securing rooms for breakout sessions and securing equipment for the presentations.
  5. Agenda Coordinator - solicits ideas and develops the agenda for all meetings and works with the Lawson representative to secure speakers for the meetings.
  6. Member Services Coordinator - contacts potential new members, maintains and distributes new member information packs and introduces new members to the group.
  7. Liaison Coordinator  - manages the breakout sessions, arranges for client personnel to lead the appropriate sessions and coordinates and collects session minutes.

Lawson Representative

Lawson Representative - is responsible for arranging appropriate Lawson representation at the meetings.

The Board will hold interim meetings, as necessary, to:

  1. Determine the Lawson Great Lakes User Group policy.
  2. Determine meeting fees, fee refund policy, and meeting agenda.
  3. Plan Lawson Great Lakes User Group activities including meetings, classes, and seminars.
  4. Appoint and authorize ad hoc or permanent committees.

Lawson software may assist the Board in:

  1. Distributing information required by the Lawson Great Lakes User Group.
  2. Providing the Board with the names of new organizations licensed to use Lawson products.
  3. Funding mailings to Lawson Great Lakes User Group members.

Membership lists of the Lawson Great Lakes User Group are considered confidential and will not be made available to anyone other than members of the Lawson Great Lakes User Group.

The Board shall appoint, by a simple majority of its eight members, a Global User Group representative. This representative must be an elected officer and will serve a two-year term as long as that representative meets the following criteria:

  1. Employee of a Lawson "customer in good standing".
  2. A person willing to collect and represent the opinions of all members.

IV. Board Member Participation

An election meeting will be held for the Officers of the Board in the event a Board position member is challenged and/or leaves the group.

V. Bylaws

The bylaws may be amended by the Board as necessary. The bylaws will be made available to any member of the user community upon request.