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“ provided CIBER with an on-line alternative for registering individuals in our workshops at CUE 2005. By using CIBER was able to free up valuable time before the event, drive high attendance rates in our workshops and as a result increased our overall return on investment in CUE. Because of this success, CIBER opted to utilize for our “Post-CUE 2005” survey. The results were extraordinary. I feel we truly have a partner in Digital Concourse. They have provided us a valuable tool, and have integrated very well into our marketing plans. Thanks again to Digital Concourse for all their efforts and a great partnership!”

Bill Geddy

Director of Sales

CIBER's Lawson Practice

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Digital Concourse announces general availability of Enterprise Community Foundation V10

San Francisco, Mar 29, 2011Digital Concourse, Inc. announced today the general availability of Enterprise Community Foundation V10; a private, secure, and customizable web 2.0 technology platform.

Enterprise Community Foundation helps organizations maximize customer loyalty by delivering a solution that leverages the “social economy” of their marketplace. Delivered as an integrated suite of customizable modules that help customers find each other, collaborate, share, and build value both digitally and face-to-face. The solution consists of Web 2.0 Portals, Collaboration, Event Management, Survey Management, Email Marketing, eCommerce, and a full array of sophisticated group management and one-to-one functionality. Included is the “Backstage” administration portal that allows users to quickly and efficiently administer all functions of their community.

According to Joseph McDevitt, MRLUG Representative for Lawson Global User Group, “Digital Concourse was a delight to work with. Their tools were intuitive and easy to use, and our user experience was exceptional. I would highly recommend the Digital Concourse solution to others”.

“We had limited time and resources to provide a comprehensive community portal solution for our M3 Manufacturing users. Digital Concourse’s drag and drop tool functionality, and group management helped us quickly build and deploy our community in a very short time.” says Rene Bottern, President, MUGA.

“Our Enterprise Community Foundation solution is the first full function business community platform that has been designed for and by business users since 2003. Our solution delivers incredible ROI and benefit by tapping into the power of the customer base, while preserving brand and corporate policy.” Says Eric Lopez, President, Digital Concourse.

About Digital Concourse, Inc.

Since 2003, Digital Concourse builds and delivers Web 2.0 Digital Communities through our integrated community platform. Our solution weaves customer activity, conversations, and action into a common thread of experience, inspiration, and customer loyalty.

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Loring Kaveney, VP Business Development

Digital Concourse, Inc.

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