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"Digital Concourse provided an excellent user-friendly method for individuals to view all pertinent information for my conference, complete a pre-conference informational survey, and to register quickly & efficiently. I was able to easily obtain registration information, analyzing it in a variety of manners. The check-in process was greatly streamlined, alleviating the usual headaches. The post-conference survey was also simple to distribute and provided valuable feedback. Everyone supporting this product has been extremely helpful, and I look forward to using it again for my next meeting!"

Jill Hendel

Midwest Lawson Users Group

Simple, Smart, Now.

Affinity/Group Pages

An interest page is similar to the concept of a group or “fan” page. The context of the page is dedicated to a cause, most of the times to a business.

The features of the page are simple and straight forward and designed to require minimum administration.


  • Completely customizable look and feel via CSS (Advanced)
  • Wall Messages
  • Message Boards
  • Main Communication
  • Links
  • Events
  • Cloud Drive

Users are invited to “Like” the page and will be part of a group network of communications, emails, and possible promotions.

From an administration perspective, administration is limited to posting wall and message board messages. In addition, approving and denying involvement within the group.

Finally, all contact information from people who “Like” the Interest Page will be shared with the owner of the site.

Group Pages – additional features include:

  • Private – Site is private and unavailable to people who are not approved
  • Invite Only – Approval oriented
  • Individual/Company – Company level or Individual approval is available

Like, Share, Recommend

A standard feature available on various functions and content is the ability for the audience to “Like”, “Share”, or “Recommend” certain content.

  • Like – Count of “Likes” and notification to friends that you like certain content
  • Share – Share the content via broadcast. Recipients will receive email and notification via news feed that you are sharing the information. Sharing is limited to your connections.
  • Recommend – Similar to sharing.


Personal Wall messages shared between the users of Digital Concourse. These are public communications filtered by “networks”. This means they are public to people who are in at least one of the party’s connection network,

Send Message

This is a private message only seen between associated parties.


Connections represent a comprehensive “address” book intended to easily organize your network. All approved connections will be displayed in the “Connections” book and show all relevant information.

Note: This function is also available on mobile devices* and is integrated to the calling function of the phone. This makes it easy to access your connection where you are at.

Shout Communications

A feature of the “Connections” function is the ability to widely communicate to your network both to a Wall AND to specifically their email account. This is very useful for communicating effectively to a group of people that have previously approved the connection between you.

Cloud Drive

The Cloud Drive is used to share files and important documents between parties. Using a familiar metaphor similar to a file system, you can add, maintain, and delete files and folders associated with your Cloud drive. In addition, we audit and version all information as well as automatically disseminate the fact that a file or document has changed.

This is very useful capability when sharing files and documents is important.


The Avatar function is a fun and useful tool for managing your image in the community. Presented as a thumbnail picture, your avatar plays a role in helping connect with your audience.

Photo Gallery

Digital Concourse Photo Gallery allows you to post your favorite pictures. From a business perspective, pictures related to events, meetings, and even software screen shots. Simple, multi-file upload allows you to upload directly from your camera or computer. It just takes a minute.

Beyond that, all Digital Concourse photo galleries are integrated with optional commentary, like, and share capabilities to further broadcast those pictures you wish to share.


Find a favorite video from YouTUBE, CNN, or a business. Maybe a training video. Embeddables allow you to capture the share code directly into your profile area and share with others. Copy, Paste are the simple operations to associate important video or audio

Posted Statuses

Let people know what you are doing or communicate an important message. Your status will be communicated to all parties within your connection network.

Community Wall

The Community Wall is a public wall for market and group communications as well as communications between you and your network. In addition to posting messages, people within your network can reply further in a simple fast feed,™ - all rights reserved - ©2003-2012 - Privacy Policy - Terms of use

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