Our mission is to provide a quality forum for obtaining and exchanging ideas and information among business professionals.

As a USER group, we expect to hear your ideas - tell us what you would like explored in a meeting, as well as what you might be able to share with the group. MRLUG members help each other by sharing knowledge to create new and better ways to solve problems and achieve their business goals.

Benefits for YOU and your company as a MRLUG member include -

  • Be heard!! Impact Lawson surveys, enhancement requests, speak with their consultants!
  • Call or email other MRLUG members with questions or ideas.
  • We do NOT give information on our Member or attendees to vendors. The vendors only get your email information if/when YOU give it to them.
  • Only Members can view our on-line directory.
  • Meeting fees are reduced for members.
  • Enjoy our round table discussions on topics like security, upgrades, Add-in’s . . .
  • See if you can share space or fees for local training within the group.
  • Access to MRLUG presentations
  • Keep us informed about your issues, solutions and progress.
  • Join our MRLUG Group on Linked-In.